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5 Reasons You'll Love Our Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

5 Reasons You'll Love Our Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

Not only do our sugar body exfoliators feel — and smell — like an indulgent treat, but they're a vital part of taking care of your skin, and an essential step in preventing ingrown hairs. There are a ton of reasons your skin will love our natural sugar scrubs, but before adding one of our exfoliating sugar scrubs to your routine, it's important to figure out how often they should be used. We typically recommend 2-3 times a week, however, this will depend on how sensitive your skin is.

Keep scrolling to read why we think you'll love our exfoliating body scrubs.

They are 100% natural

All of our sugar body scrubs are made with simple, natural ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and copaiba oil. To read all of the ingredients in our scrubs, click here.

Natural Sugar Scrub

They prevent razor burn

Exfoliating is a very important step in your hair removal process. There are a ton of reasons why you should be exfoliating your pubic area, and doing so will help prevent razor burn after you shave. Dead skin cells clog your hair follicles and can also trap your hair under the skin, which as a result leads to ingrown hairs. Removing dead skin first by exfoliating will not only ensure the hair follicle is in the best condition for shaving or waxing, but will also help allow for normal hair growth in the future.

They keep your skin smooth

Jojoba Oil is one of our key ingredients in all of our products - including our exfoliating sugar scrubs. Jojoba oil mimics your body's natural moisturizing properties which allow for extra hydration and as a result, super smooth skin.

They remove dead skin

Our scrubs will naturally buff away dead skin and work hard to unclog any pores. It's important to have fresh clean skin before a wax, sugar, or shave.

They prevent ingrown hairs

One of the most effective things you can do to prevent ingrown hairs -besides using our Ingrown Hair Treatment Oil, is to exfoliate. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells that clog pores and helps lift the hairs away from the skin.


Still not convinced?

Check out some of these reviews from our customers.

"This scrub is a must have. It is very different from other scrubs on the market. It is lightweight , lightly scented, and very moisturizing. The combination of oils and sugar makes your skin feel wonderful. I have used higher end scrubs and this is right up there. I use it all over my body , my skin feels baby soft after a shower. Highly, highly recommended. 5 ⭐️"

"I have only used this once, & I am SOLD. I used this on my “down there” area before shaving & when I tell you I have never gotten that close of a shave & been THAT smooth before, I swear I’m not lying. I’m seriously shook. I will be a customer for life. If you’re debating this purchase, just get it. You won’t regret it!"

"I bought this scrub along with the dry brush and the nude oil for after, and I cannot express enough how legitimate this product is. I've tried so many products that claim to help treat ingrown hairs and razor burn that do absolutely nothing after a month of use. Bushbalm's products are like no other - visible results in as little as two to three weeks! I just ordered my next box because Bushbalm is like having shampoo or a loofa in the shower - a must have!"