Double Cleansing Your Bikini Line

Double Cleansing: What it is & Why you should try it on your body and bikini line

Washing your face with a gentle cleanser is an excellent way to start your skincare journey, or honestly, just washing your face in general. If you’re just starting out with skincare, don’t be overwhelmed! There are so many products out there, but as long as you have a good cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and SPF, you are already on the right track.  

Originating from Korean skincare, as well as in Japan before making its way to the rest of the world, the double cleanse is HIGHLY recommended amongst skincare professionals. But is it worth the money? Or just a waste of time?

What does double cleanse mean?

Double cleansing is literally the act of cleansing twice, using two different cleansers. Typically you would start with an oil first to pull up dirt, excess sebum and make up, followed by your second cleanser with water. You use an oil first because oil attracts oil, so it is the best way to get a good deep clean and make sure all that gunk is lifted off your skin.

Double Cleansing

What can you double cleanse?

There is a big market for double cleansing your face, double cleansing your hair and scalp has also started to spark up. By washing your hair twice in the shower, it is a good way of getting rid of of excess oil and dirt. It will make your hair look and feel cleaner, which can also extend the days in-between washing.  

When should you double cleanse?

It’s recommended to do your double cleanse in the evening before you go to bed. The moment we step outside our skin is already being hit by the dirt and debris of the outdoors, we work all day, we sweat, there’s oil build up and for most we wear make up.

Double cleansing at night pulls out all of that wear and tear, and lets our skin breath and feel clean. Our cells also turnover and regenerate while we sleep.

Is double cleansing necessary if you don’t wear make up?

If you aren’t someone who wears make up, I would still highly recommend double cleansing, but you won’t have to do it as often as those who do where make up everyday. Do it every second day.

Double Cleansing your skin

What products are good to use to double cleanse?

There aren’t specific products or brands to use for double cleansing, it basically comes down to what works best for your skin. You can use jojoba oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, really any oil that suits your skin and will break down the dirt and debris. Followed by your choice of cleanser.

Double cleansing steps for your face 

One thing before you get started is to make sure you are starting with clean hands. Wash your hands first before you apply you skincare:

  1. Start with your choice of oil cleanser (again, it can be any type of oil that you so choose)
  2. Follow up with your favourite cleanser
  3. Exfoliate (don’t do this step every day, you’ll want to exfoliate your face 2-3 times per week)
  4. Moisturize
  5. Apply SPF (it’s always good to have on an SPF of at least 30)

If you’ve have a good skincare regimen with added serums and toners, you can apply those before you moisturize. If you’re just getting in to skincare, keeping it simple to start and wearing a good SPF will do just fine.

Double cleansing steps for your body and bikini line 

When you are cleansing your bikini line you'll want to ensure you only cleanse external areas. The steps are shorter than cleansing your face, but just as effective 

  1. Start with your choice of cleansing oil, safe for down there 
  2. Follow up with your favorite pH balanced bikini and body feminine wash
  3. Apply your top soothing pubic and bikini oil or a bikini brightening oil

Will double cleansing my bikini line help with itchy pubic hair

Double cleansing is a great way to help with itchy pubic hair. Since this will cleanse and soften the hair you can expect it to soften and become less coarse. As this occurs, you'll see less itch after shaving your pubic hair. 


Double Cleansing

Can double cleansing cause purging? What is purging?

If you’re doing it once or twice a day, it can stimulate skin purging and you may experience some breakouts, dry and flaky skin at the start. Skin purging happens when you introduce new skincare into your routine, as it is stimulating and increasing the skill cell turnover. Those breakouts can mean that the new routine is working! 

While having a complex skincare routine doesn’t work for most, if you do have one or are looking to get more into one, I absolutely recommend giving double cleansing a try. It’s a step I will always recommend to my clients. When you jump into bed at the end of your day, you and your skin will feel so rested and refreshed that you’ll be able to fall asleep knowing that when you wake up you will be glowing.

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