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How To Dry Brush And Why It's An Effective Way To Exfoliate

How To Dry Brush And Why It's An Effective Way To Exfoliate

Dry brushing is one of the many ways you can exfoliate your skin. If you aren't aware -- dry brushing involves a brush that has fairly stiff bristles in which you massage over your skin. The benefits seen include, reducing dead skin cells, better blood circulation and even a reduction in cellulite appearance. 

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Dry bikini brush

What is the benefit of dry brushing vs. brushing in the shower? 

By brushing the skin with a dry brush you exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Since it's dry, it is much more effective than doing this in the shower. The lymphatic system is a big part of the body's immune system. The lymph vessels are just below the skin and dry brushing regularly helps stimulate the lymph flow so the body can detoxify itself naturally. 

When should I dry brush? And for how long? 

For best results, you should dry brush for approximately 3-5 minutes before you shower or bath. This allows you to clean off the dead skin cells. Additionally, 3-5 minutes in your morning routine isn't a big ask! You just have to remember to slot it in. 

How do I dry brush effectively? 

I always start dry brushing at my ankles and work my way up.  The lymphatic fluid flows towards the heart, so you brush in the same direction. At times I will simply dry brush my bikini line, as this is the place where I am most concerned. I slowly start in a circular motion and gently scrub the area. I find dry brushing your privates most effective 2-3 days after shaving or waxing. Immediately after the skin can be sensitive and when your pubic hair is quite long it is difficult to get the full effects. If you want a video on how to dry brush effectively, you can head to Youtube and watch this clip

How do I add a dry brush to my Bushbalm routine? 

To get the most our of your Bushbalm routine we've broken it down in 3 parts. 

  1. Moisturize -- Use Bushbalm oils daily to moisturize your bikini line. This will soften the skin and make it more receptive to exfoliation. 
  2. Exfoliate -- Use a bikini brush to exfoliate your skin and hair. You can do this prior to showering 
  3. Treat -- After showering, you should apply Bushbalm within 2 minutes to allow it to soak into the skin and treat any irritation.