What is chest acne and how do you get rid of it? Tips and Solutions

What is chest acne and how do you get rid of it? Tips and Solutions

You may be asking this question now, but you should know many others are too! Chest acne is nothing to be embarrassed about, as it happens to almost everyone.  At Bushbalm™ we aim to reduce ingrown hairs, chest acne, bikini bumps and razor burn all over your body, including your chest and pubic region! 

Chest Acne Treatments and Solutions Why do I get chest acne? 

It's hard to tell exactly why you might have chest acne, but know it is very common. We've seen clients suffer from clogged pores all the way to physical fitness and sweating. In this blog post we are going to go through some ways you can work to eliminate your chest acne for good! 

3 Reasons for Chest Acne 

  1. Clogged pores due to moisturizers 
  2. Hormonal fluctuations 
  3. Dehydration or changes to routine 

Clogged Pores Causing Chest Acne 

If you are using comedogenic moisturizers you may unknowingly be causing your chest acne or irritation. You'll want to ensure you moisturize with non-comedogenic products, as these products won't clog your pores. Our soothing oils are non-comedogenic and are a great example of a product that benefits chest acne. The oils are fast absorbing and will not clog your pores. 

We typically recommend a combination of exfoliation and moisturizing oils to clear the pores and soothe them afterwards. It would be recommended to get our Chest Acne Duo

Hormonal Fluctuations Causing Chest Acne  

This is more common in teens and adults in their mid-twenties, but occasionally happens to older adults. When your hormones are changing, whether it's due to puberty or the time of month this can lead to chest acne. Additionally it's common to see chest acne stirred simply by stress. This may be simplified, but skin irritation can easily be caused by a larger amount of stress than normal. 

Routine Changes Causing Chest Acne 

As someone who suffers from eczema I know how important having a routine is to my skin. When I travel or suffer stress I'm much more likely to suffer a skin outbreak. To combat this you have to try and understand your body and how it reacts. If you are experiencing a change in your routine, take note and see how your body reacts. If you aren't drinking enough water, this could be an example of your routine changing. Our bodies like to stay in a steady state, so ensure you stick to your skincare and life routine when you can! If you can't, just understand what this does to your body. 

Skincare Routine to Treat and Prevent Chest Acne  

Step #1 - Consistently exfoliate your chest area! You can use our 100% natural exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and clear pores

Exfoliating scrub to treat chest acne

Step #2 - Moisturize with non-comedogenic oils. After you are done exfoliating we recommend using some soothing oils to moisturize the area. These oils will soften the area and ensure you get the moisture you need without clogging your pores. 

Soothing Oils to treat chest acne

Step #3 - Monitor your body. Take checks on how your body reacts to things like stress, sun, exfoliation, and even how much water you drink. These small details will help you understand your body, so you can make great decisions around your daily skincare routine. 

Where do I buy products for chest acne? 

You can view our collection of skincare products to help treat and relieve yourself from chest acne. We have our soothing oils, exfoliating scrubs and even our famous Nordic Dry Brush. 

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