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We're looking to partner and sponsor thousands of athletes in the next 5 years!

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Olympic Swimmer

"I never go a shave without Bushbalm."

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About the Program

The Bushbalm Athletes program was created by a competitive collegiate swimmer. The goal is to give athletes sponsorship opportunities, all while sharing the love of Bushbalm!

The Benefits

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Paid Sponsorship Opportunities

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Free Gifts & Prizes

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Exposure to Press and Media

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Travel & Video Shoots

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Why Bushbalm?

Bushbalm was founded on the promise to solve ingrown hairs, razor burn and dark spots with natural products.

Bushbalm Ingrown Hair Oil being applied to bikini line and underarms

Our Principles

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Solve Skin Concerns, Everywhere

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Use Natural, Or Naturally Derived Ingredients

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Formulate For All Skin Types

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Do More of #1.

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Bushbalm Skincare for Underarms and Ingrown Hairs
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