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In 2020 Bushbalm Pubic Oil is going to be taking on Dragons Den. The Canadian made company, which ships worldwide, has a large following within the waxing community. 


Bushbalm Dragons Den

Entry Video to Dragons Den

What is the strategy for succeeding on Dragons Den or Shark Tank? 

For the pitch, the Bushbalm Team is going to focus on their previous success in the industry. Additionally, the team is focused on building out a brand around natural products that improve the lives of anyone wanting silky smooth skin and hair, down there. 

4 Facts About Bushbalm that Might Help Them Get on Shark Tank or Dragons Den 

1. The business started on a honeymoon 

Yes, you read that correctly. Bushbalm started on a honeymoon when the founding couple were 'freshening up' after a day on the beach. Beard oil was involved, but eventually they asked the question "could we make this experience even better?" 

Dragons Den Audition by Bushbalm

2. Bushbalm Nude Oil is an excellent post waxing oil 

One of the greatest benefits and reason this might take off on Dragons Den or Shark Tank is because of Nude Oil, the companies viral hit. The natural ingredients in Nude Oil make it a highly recommended product by waxing salons. 

Shark Tank Pubic Oil Company

3. Shark Tank & Dragons Den love creativity! 

The Bushbalm Team works in a very unique market and has consistently broken the barrier with creative marketing to show benefits of their products. Expect the Bushbalm Team to go into the pitch with spunk and creativity! 

4. Bushbalm is expanding their product line 

As Bushbalm has scaled so has their product line. Originally it started as Pubic Oil, added an exfoliating body polish and now carries a dry brush. Expect to see more products in the future that are all about bikini line skincare.

Shark Tank Ingrown Hair Product