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4 Step Guide For An At Home Vajacial

A Vajacial's have only grown in popularity since 2016 when waxing salons began offering them across the United States and Canada. The Covid-19 global pandemic accelerated the trend for at home vajacials, as consumers were looking for self care products they could do at home. In this blog post we will go through the steps in doing an at-home vajacials, as well as the products you'll need. 

Types of Vajacials  

There are several types of vajacials and variations. Selecting the right steps will rely on how much time you have and the products available to you. 

Simple At Home Vajacial

To do a simple at home vajacial only requires a few steps and easy to access products. For instance, you will mostly need a bikini scrub, a vajacial mask, and a soothing bikini oil. These three products make an at home vajacial a great way to do self care. 

"The ultimate self care routine is spending 20 minutes to do an at home vajacial. Throw your robe on and relax" 

An In-Spa Vajacial 

If you are getting a vajacial at your local waxing salon you may expect more steps, such as steaming, extractions, and perhaps LED light therapy. For an at-home vajacial these steps are often unavailable, so you need to use other methods. 

The Bushbalm At-Home Vajacial

To do the simple Bushbalm At-Home Vajacial you'll need to have only a few products. Start by hopping in a steamy hot shower, follow that by exfoliating your bikini line with our exfoliating scrub, then take your soothing oil and apply it to your bikini line. From there, lay back, relax and let the oils absorb into your skin. We recommend wearing a rope to stay warm while the oils absorb. 

4 Steps To An At Home Vajacial

 A simple or basic at home vajacial can be done in a few simple steps. 

  1. Have a hot, steamy shower 
  2. Exfoliate your bikini line 
  3. Apply a vajacial mask for 20 minutes 
  4. Apply a soothing bikini line oil 

Step 1 is having a steamy shower 

To open your pores for a vajacial at home we recommend having a steamy, hot shower. If you go to your waxing professional they will often do a steam to start the vajacial process. 

Shower before a vajacial to get steamed

Step 2 is exfoliating your bikini line 

To get the most out of our experience you'll want to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells on your bikini line. As your pores are open use your exfoliating scrub in the shower to soften the skin and prepare for your vajacial hydrogel mask. 

Exfoliate your bikini line before a vajacial service

Step 3 is applying your vajacial hydrogel mask for 20 minutes 

Next in the at home vajacial is the most critical step; applying your Hydrogel Vajacial Mask. Typically these masks are made with hydrogel and active ingredients, such as, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. 

At Home Vajacial Steps

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Step 4 is applying your soothing bikini line oil

Typically the final step in a vajacial is hydration. This is often with an oil that hydrates and doesn't clog pores. Apply the soothing oil and let it rest for atleast 5 minutes, so it can fully absorb. 

Treat the skin with a bikini line oil during at home vajacials

What is a vajacial paired with a brazilian wax consist of? 

If you're getting a brazilian wax there is a good chance your esthetician is now offering a vajacial service. There are many variations of a vajacial, but the common steps include getting a steam, a vajacial hydrojelly mask, followed by a soothing oil. The most elaborate part of a vajacial service is typically the extractions, as that is only offered by some estheticians. 

The main goal with the vajacial is to give you an experience that's relaxing and takes your bikini line skincare to the next level. This service is truly taking the best parts of a facial and bringing it down to your lady bits. 

The Bushbalm At-Home Vajacial Steps 

At Bushbalm we manufacture products designed for your vulva, pubic region, and soon to be vagina. Our goal is to make your down there routine as safe and effective as possible. 

Here are the steps in a Bushbalm Vajacial: 

  1. Have a steamy hot shower 
  2. Exfoliate with our bikini scrubs 
  3. Apply our treatment oils to your vulva 
  4. Put on your robe and lay on bed for 10 minutes and relax 

The At-Home Vajacial Kit 

Use this bikini scrub and this treatment oil to give yourself the Bushbalm at home vajacial. 

You can learn much more about vajacials in our in-depth blog

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