How much pubic hair is normal? Advice
How much pubic hair is normal? Advice

How much pubic hair is normal? Advice

A common question many of ask is how much pubic hair is normal? To start this blog off we want to tell you that you can decide how much pubic hair you'd like based on the information given below. You shouldn't feel pressured to groom your pubic hair a certain way. It's your choice and you need to do what's best for you, your hair and your skin. 

Why would someone keep pubic hair? 

Keeping your pubic hair is actually more common than one would expect. According to our annual customer survey over 40% of respondents keep their pubic hair in some fashion. Whether it's growing or trimming almost half of the population keep their pubic hair. 

Optimal Pubic Hair Length

Common Reasons  

There are many reasons for keeping your pubic hair, but below are the top three we see here at Bushbalm Skincare. Our specialty is shaving, trimming and post-hair removal products. 

Top Reasons 

  1. To reduce the likelihood of razor burn 
  2. The convenience of growing or trimming 
  3. Your partner prefers pubic hair 

How much pubic hair is generally normal?

Growing your pubic hair to a certain length does have hygienic benefits. However, there is no standard for 'normal' when it comes to pubic hair. Generally this has become a personal decision one has to make. There are many options for removing your pubic hair or even grooming it to the optimal length. 

To reduce the likelihood of razor burn or irritation we've seen 4mm as the recommended length to trim pubic hair with a bikini trimmer. 

If you want smooth skin we recommend waxing or sugaring. Exfoliate your bikini line and apply a soothing pubic oil to prevent itch during regrowth

For those getting a wax it is common to grow your pubic hair out to ¼ inch long or 6.35 mm. This allows the wax to properly grip the hair to pull it out. 

Pubic Hair Options for Down There

There are many options for your pubic hair, from shaving to growing to trimming. In this section we will go through the various options and the benefits with each option and the negative skin concerns with each. 

Shaving your pubic hair

According to our annual customer survey this is the most common hair removal option. Shaving your pubic hair is both convenient and relatively inexpensive. Depending on your routine you may choose disposable razors  or opt for a more expensive razor that has replacement blades. 

What to look for in shaving tools and products 

  • A shaving cream that works with your skin
  • A sharp razor to prevent irritation 
  • A soothing pubic oil to soften skin and hair 

Waxing your pubic hair

Another common routine is going for regular waxes or sugars. These are commonly spread out on a regular basis where you get your wax, followed by growing out your pubic hair. It's not recommended to shave or shorten your pubic hair too low before a wax. 

What to look for in a waxing professional

  • Professional website or social media 
  • Very clean room or salon
  • Excellent communication skills

Pubic trimming running under water showing it's waterproof

Trimming your pubic hair

One of the most up and coming hair removal strategies is trimming your pubic hair. For a number of years men have trimmed their pubic hair regularly. Now that pubic hair trimmers come with cordless and waterproof options they are growing in popularity. You can charge your bikini trimmer, leave it in the shower, and use it at your leisure. Typically bikini trimmers come with guards, but also can trim to almost bare skin. You won't get the same experience as a razor, but you are far less likely to get ingrown hairs or razor burn. 

What to look for in a bikini trimmer 

  • Waterproof 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Cordless 
  • Replaceable blade 

Bikini trimmer going up a leg

 We hope this article helped answer your question! There is no such thing as a 'normal' amount of pubic hair. This is a personal choice and one that you can make on your own. You shouldn't feel pressure one way or another. If you have any questions about pubic hair please send us a message directly. 

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