Top Traits of a Bikini Trimmer

Top Traits of a Bikini Trimmer

Regardless of skin type or sensitivity you might be considering an electric trimmer to groom your pubic hair. Since your skin and hair down there is generally sensitive you'll want to be very selective over the trimmer you choose. In this blog post we will go over key features of pubic hair trimmers for those with sensitive skin. 

In this article we will go over the best featured in a Bikini Trimmer and a Male Pubic Hair Trimmer

Key Features of a Bikini Trimmer 

What makes a bikini trimmer effective.

Guards and Accessories 

The top electric pubic hair trimmers come with guards and accessories to make your trimming experience more tailored. The Francesca Trimmer for instance comes with a guard that is the correct height for pre-waxing or shaving. 

Ceramic Blades 

To get a close shave the newest technology is utilizing ceramic blades to hold an edge longer, leading to less irritation each and every trim. To identify ceramic blades look on the box, or spot a white blade on top of a metal blade, which swivels back and forth. 

Waterproof up to IPX7 

Top trimmers are commonly IPX7 rated to protect against immersion in up to one meter of water. Typically for up to 30 minutes. Having a waterproof bikini trimmer has added benefits since you can trim your bikini line in the shower. 

Waterproof feature of a bikini trimmer

Ergonomic Bikini Trimmer Design 

A trimmer should fit and feel comfortable in your hand, especially if you are trimming your bikini line. Look for a size that's comfortable in your hand and a compact style. 

Top traits of a bikini trimmer in an infographic 

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