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Your First Brazilian or Bikini Wax & What to Expect!

So you’ve bit the bullet. You’ve put your razor down and have decided to get your first Brazilian Wax

Loads of people all over the world have been in that same position. Shaving has always been so convenient for us, I mean it’s sitting right there in our shower, in the comfort of our home. But making that call, heading into the unknown of a waxing salon can be all sorts of terrifying and maybe that’s the reason you’ve avoided the thought. But I promise you, whole-heartedly, that it is not at scary as it sounds.

What areas are covered in a Brazilian Wax? 

There is the at times confusing part of knowing exactly what to book. While you will see “Bikini Wax” and “Brazilian Wax” on every service menu, you might see another service either titled “European Wax”, “Full Bikini” or “Extended Bikini” - to name a few.

  • Bikini Wax: The outside of the underwear and a little off the top
  • Extended Bikini, European, Full Bikini Wax: The outer bikini line from the top down to the inner thigh and is taken in as far as you’d like on the pubic bone.
  • Brazilian Wax: the full deal! Everything removed from the area and right between your butt cheeks. You can choose to remove all from the pubic mound or leave a strip or triangle.

Preparing for your first bikini wax

How to prepare for a Brazilian Wax

What can I expect from my first Brazilian Wax?

Try to come to your appointment wearing loose fitting clothes, so afterwards there is no rubbing and your skin can breathe. Once in the room you’ll be asked to remove everything from the waist down, use a cleansing wipe and hop up onto the table covering your waist with a modesty towel.

During the service we’ll guide you through the process of the service and the positions - there’s the butterfly pose, knees to chest and one where you’ll lay on your side. These position help us get into all the places we need to remove your hair.

"in-between your appointments and beyond, you will see a huge difference in your skin and how each appointment from then on will play out"

When you’re all finished you’ll have the waxing aftercare explained to you, where we will gush to you about all of our favourite aftercare products! We’ll explain how to use them and how often to use them. This part is extremely important for you to keep up with in-between your appointments and beyond, you will see a huge difference in your skin and how each appointment from then on will play out!

Close up of what wax looks like for a brazilian

Is getting a Brazilian Wax awkward?

No, it absolutely is not! We can all understand why it would be awkward, but if you’ve ever been to the gynaecologist you’re familiar with the showing your private bits to a stranger part.

If you'd like to learn more you can read about common waxing side effects, which should help make you more comfortable understanding. 

“The most common fear clients have for a first time Brazilian wax is the pain, being shy, and most clients have concerns about their skin. As estheticians we are here to help make clients feel 100% comfortable while they’re on our table, as well as educating clients on home care & the importance of maintaining your skin in between waxes” - The Wax Junkie

Does at home waxing have the same results as salon waxing?

In a sense, yes it does.

Waxing is done in the same technique no matter who is doing it. Though having it done in a salon, you have someone who is trained to know how to effectively remove the wax in a safe manner, to avoid any lifting of the skin which can be very painful.

At Home Waxing Strips for a First Timer

Doing it at home yourself can be hard to get that perfect angle to be able to pull the wax strip off safely - you’ve got to be some kind of amazing contortionist to be able to get into those angles like that! I also applaud anyone who can give themselves an at home Brazilian wax, you are incredible.

Do we need to expose our private parts during a Bikini Wax?

Some estheticians may ask you to remove your underwear for a bikini wax and some may not. If you’re in for your first bikini wax ever & aren’t yet comfortable yet to remove everything, just let your waxer know.

As a professional waxer, we will never make you do something you aren’t yet comfortable with, we are able to do a complete bikini wax around your underwear. I recommend coming in a pair that you don’t mind a little wax getting on.

What does a Brazilian Wax feel like for a first timer?

No two people are the same, so everyones first time experience will be different from another. We also tend to work ourselves up more about things we’re doing for the very first time, more than anything. For some people it will be a bit painful, and for others it won’t feel like much.

You’ll feel a bit of a sting when the wax is removed, either done with strip wax or hard wax, but we’ll always apply a bit of pressure to the area with our hand to help ease that sensation. Although waxing itself is never any fun to get, it will never be an unbearable experience.

“For a first time Brazilian wax, the pubic hair must be grown out to half an inch or longer. Skin must be nourished and exfoliated the night before, and if you’re a little worried about the pain…you can take a Tylenol one hour before your appointment to ease the pain.” - The Wax Junkie

What do people who do Brazilian Waxes really think?

Let me start off by setting the record straight. We are never and will never judge you in any way when you’re on our wax table and for the duration of our client/esthetician friendship. We will always make you feel comfortable when you’re with us, and nothing ever leaves that room. It’s our job and it is not weird for us. We may tell our colleagues how wonderful and amazing you are, but that is it.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do after a Brazilian Wax?

There’s a whole fun list of stuff that we tell you you should do after your wax, but there is also a whole list of things that you should avoid doing for 24 hours post wax. Immediately after you will want to avoid taking a hot shower, sauna’s or sitting in a hot tub.

You’ll also want to avoid doing an intense work out, wearing tight clothes, or having any sexy time - I know, I’m sorry! Because our skin is super sensitive and tender right after and over the course of 24 hours, we want to be sure we are loving our skin and letting it rest.

I hope these can help ease your mind while you’re getting ready for your first appointment. Please also know that if you’re ever unsure about anything, ask questions! I can’t speak for everyone, though I feel like I can, but we love questions. Educating and helping out our clients is one of the best parts of the job.

We live for making you feel comfortable & at ease, because we love our job, we love you and we want to continue on in our client and esthetician relationship forever.

See you in the wax room!

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